36 Digital Marketing Experts You Need To Follow On Social Media

Evaluating brands' target customers to identify the social media channels that would provide the best opportunities for customer engagement. Pay-per-click Advertising – Digital marketing specialists are expected to deliver profitable PPC campaigns across multiple ad networks, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Paid social advertising. Search engine optimization – Digital marketing specialists must possess advanced knowledge of SEO and the ability to create and effectively manage organic search campaigns. As a digital marketing specialist, you’ll need to understand your company’s content management system and be able to perform technical website optimizations by modifying HTML or CSS code. Digital marketing gives you a global reach at an affordable cost. This marketing trick is also easy to track and optimize with the help of various digital marketing tools.

Video Marketing

Digital marketing specialists who understand HTML and CSS are extra valuable – they can make changes to a website, customize and perform content experiments, and design landing pages on their own. He has appeared on several global news channels like BBC News, The Today Show, BBC World, LBC Radio, The Today Show (NBC / US), Sky News, and more. He is recognized as an industry expert by major publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, USA Today, Newsweek, and Forbes. Lisa is the founder of a SEM consulting platform, BigClick Co.

Instead of focusing on theoretical knowledge, we’ve designed our courses to deliver a proven process for generating real results and to help you gain practical experience by putting that process into action. Improve lifecycle conversion ratesRevenue Operations is no longer a technical discipline but a revenue and marketing function, designed around deep customer insights. Kirk shares tips for managing the right budget for PPC ads and shopping ads in the wittiest way possible. On Twitter, he will keep you informed about Google’s latest policies for advertisers. Dela Quist is the founder and CEO of the leading email marketing agency, Alchemy Worx. Tyler holds the role of CMO at Vidyard, a video hosting platform.

Online marketing is evolving each day with newer trends and challenges. Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, business, or related field. Evaluating clients' marketing budgets and allocating spending on various marketing needs accordingly. Calculating clients' return on ad spend and comparing it against industry averages.

His most recent book, The Age of Influence, is the definitive book on influencer marketing, but he has also written critically acclaimed books on social media marketing strategy as well as LinkedIn social media marketing . His post covers everything from Facebook ads to internet marketing. His podcasts will provide you with tricks to boost your marketing skills and will keep you up-to-date about everything new in the world of social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Consultant Job Description

This makes digital marketing specialist jobs especially demanding, but there’s also huge potential for growth and knowledge acquisition that can lead to job advancement in the future. Want that humor element in your video onecommerce marketing strategy? Using humor in the dull video marketing campaign is his serious business. There are several internet marketing experts and online marketing professionals who have thrived in the recent times.

As a digital marketing specialist, you will be expected to monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns and optimize them over time. You will use visual design skills in combination with conversion rate optimization software to improve the performance of landing pages and drive conversions. Let’s head straight to our curated list of 36 digital marketing experts whom you need to follow right away to learn about brand new tricks, upcoming trends, innovations, and viral campaigns for your online marketing strategies.

Explore foolproof search engine marketing strategies from Lisa. Jeanne posts case studies, blogs on click-through-rates, drip email marketing campaigns, ROI generations, and everything that has the keyword email marketing in it. Assessing clients' current digital marketing strategies and suggesting improvements accordingly.

She posts on productivity hacks, content marketing, brand building and will convince you to deploy an influencer marketing plan. If you need a helping hand to choose the right digital marketing tools or want to know some secret hacks for a roaring brand presence, it’s best to rely on them. Be it inspiration for your next campaign or leveraging the latest features of social media, they’ve got your back. Lisa will let you know about best paid search PPC practices while warning of plausible advertising mistakes.


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